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How to Bet on MMA?

In the analysis process, first of all, it is necessary to find statistics on the performances of the fighters, which will help determine the current form and trends, as well as find out whether these athletes fought with each other and what the result was, this is extremely important. Look for information about injuries - old wounds can be felt, especially in such a tough sport. It is also necessary to compare the fighting styles of the two participants in the match. And do not neglect such a factor as the motivation and psychological state of the fighter when betting at .

What to Bet on in MMA?

The choice of outcomes is small in mixed martial arts, which is associated with the specifics of such competitions. The winner of the match is the main bet chosen by betters, although in some bookmakers you can see additional painting:

  • The main outcome of the battle. As in other martial sports, in MMA the main and most popular option for betting is the main outcome. Due to very rare cases of a tie, bookmakers, as a rule, offer only two outcomes for a duel - the victory of the first or second fighter.
  • Total rounds in battle. In MMA, the total rounds, the rate is not as popular as the rest, but sometimes players bet that the battle will end in the first or second round, that is, the total is less than 1.5 or 2.5.
  • The early outcome of the battle. In MMA fights, the winner is often determined ahead of schedule (knockout, technical knockout, voluntary surrender). If the fight does not last all the rounds allotted by the rules and the winner is revealed in it, then the bet on the early outcome of the battle has played.
  • The method of victory in battle. Some bookmakers accept bets on how the match will end: by knockout, technical knockout, surrender, draw or victory by decision of the judges.
  • Victory in the round. For title fights or large (iconic) MMA competitions, bookmakers are trying to give a broader list, in which bets appear to win in individual rounds.

Check MMA betting tips before you get started.

MMA Fights Analysis

To start the analysis of the battle in MMA is to find out according to the rules of which organization the rivals will fight. In the fights of each of the fighting organizations, whether it be UFC or others, there are nuances and it will be very unpleasant, having done the right analysis, lose the bet due to ignorance of the rules and regulations of the battle.

Having determined by what rules the fighters will fight, we proceed to the standard study of rivals. First of all, you need to look at the main statistics - victories, defeats, how many of them are knocked out. Then we study the basic tactics of the fighters - “drummer” he or “wrestler”, it will be important for the analysis of the development of events in the upcoming match.

Often, it is difficult for some “drummers” to resist the “fighters” and all the defeats in their careers are only from fighters with this style, then we conclude and bet depending on who the opponent is. Ideally, analyze MMA fights with the help of statistics and video in aggregate in order to visually see not only dry numbers, but also their visual confirmation.

One of the main mistakes with MMA bets is ignorance of the rules of the battle. The fact is that in normal MMA fights - 3 rounds of 5 minutes each, and in title fights (for the belt), 5 rounds of 5 minutes are conceived. Having no information about the rules of the battle, it is impossible to make a correct bet (especially on the total rounds).

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