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5 Expert Tips on League of Legends

As befits an eSports discipline, League of Legends is easy to master at a basic level and it is very difficult to come to this skill. You will be able to save much time if following the tips at the weblink, which will help you to achieve the goal.

  1. Decide on the goal. The simplest advice that, due to its obviousness, is often missing by novice players. At the very beginning, you should understand whether you want to spend rare evenings in the “League”, for example, in the fun mode of ARAM on the “Howling Abyss” card, or after a few years try to see yourself with a champion cup in your hands, which will surely require difficult work on yourself and having a lot of time.
  2. Spend money. Spendig your personal funds in any conditionally free game is a personal matter for everyone and most people do not do this. We do not in any way say that in order to succeed you must buy something, but let's see how money can save time. LoL has over one hundred and thirty champions to play for. Some more popular, some less, but all the same ... inaccessible. Once a week, the League opens 10 champions to all summoners (players), from which novices are free to choose their hero. There are two problems here: firstly, you may not like any of the champions, and secondly, in a week the list will change and you will have to get used to the new ones.

    This is a very good system that allows you to quickly get to know a large number of characters, while accumulating in-game currency (IP influence points) with battles. With these points you can buy champions you like.

  3. Watch the broadcast. Everything is simple: there are streams of professional players, where they show what, how and why they do it with their champions from the first person, and there are broadcasts from tournaments, where “specially trained” commentators understand a common match strategy for normal people, about fashionable tactics and tell what is called "cases" in advertising: short extracts from the experience of other players. From such tournament streams, you can learn a lot of details about the champions for which professional teams play: from the characteristics of the selection and the order of collection of artifacts to the optimal scenarios of behavior in the game.
  4. Be fit. Exercise, run and generally monitor your tone and nutrition. The point is not only that the reaction rate depends on it. Professionals in their careers experience enormous endurance loads due to flights, jet lag, unfamiliar food and constant delays in tournaments. The sooner you prepare yourself for the game, the longer you will last. And just try to get used to the fact that cybersportsmen are not gasps.
  5. Play with friends. At the initial stage, playing with friends is much more interesting than alone, especially when someone is more experienced and can explain and prompt on the go.

There are specific services that offer coaching services, and these are the same tips from friends, but for money. Follow the tips above and enjoy the guaranteed success!

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